Adurcup's role in T- POT's Success

All the food lovers of Delhi are aware of T-POT and their amazing food and drinks. Inspired by the love of tea, T-POT opened their tea cafe, which was very well received by people due to their amazing ambiance, food, drinks and services. T-POT also has a very successful online ordering system. There are a lot of ways Adurcup has helped improve and grow the business of T-pot, here is how all that happened:


Providing a platform catering to all their needs:

Adurcup mainly helped T-POT by acting as a liaison between all their vendors. Earlier T-POT was procuring all their disposable products from 100 different vendors but now Adurcup has become the one platform from where they get all the material they could ever need. Order delivery of procured products is easier and quicker than before as all the disposable deliverable items are coming from at just place at that too at quicker pace. Earlier when T-POT procured their products from different vendors, it created a mayhem. As different vendors would deliver their products at different times and this created chaos in the kitchen while delivering online orders.

Also the services by Adurcup are extremely quick. Where a vendor takes at least a week to deliver an order, we do it just 2-3 days.


Better quality disposables:

Have you ever ordered some food online which arrived in a ridiculous state? I have had moments where the drinks was spilled all over my food making it taste super weird.  Delivering tea can be a big hassle as liquids tend to cool down faster and then there is always a great chance of spilling. Adurcup invented these tea flasks for T-POT that are well-recognized in the tea chain industry today. These flasks keep tea hot for at-least 1 hour and the quantity of a flask can cater to 4-5 glasses of hot tea.

We also provided T-pot with adorable, reusable glass bottles for their shakes which were earlier served in use and throw plastic bottles. This definitely helped them up their delivery game.

TPot Chai Flask


Amazing discounts:

T-POT saves a lot of time and money by buying everything from disposable like chai kullad, tea flask, shake bottles, customized disposable coffee cups and many more to groceries. Also T-POT makes a whooping profit of 4-5% by just buying their groceries from Adurcup. We deliver a huge range of good quality groceries at amazing discounts.


All back end solutions:

Adurcup provides solutions to all their problems including pest control and health safety check ups. We provide different pest control packages at very minimal costs. We have special pest control packages for rodents and cockroaches as these two are the main pests seen in hotels, cafes and restaurants.


Location consultation:

In today's world and age no-one is satisfied with just one cafe outlet. Adurcup also provides location consultation for new outlets and restaurant chains. We help them decide which locations would be best for their business, easy to procure and good for sales.

Tpot Chai

So, wide range of services and quick service turn around time by Adurcup was instrumental in the quick growth of T-POT. We helped T-POT improve their quality of services and therefore build a happy customer base.

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