Poverty is a very complicated issue, but feeding a child isn't.

Let’s take a fun pep-quiz

Q: What is Hashim Amla famous for?
A: He is the fastest to score 3000 runs in just 57 matches (Whoa!)

Q: Who is Daniel Komen?
A: He is the guy who holds the record for 3000m men’s race (7.20 minutes)

That is something, isn’t it?

Q: How many children perish in India every day because of hunger?

Any guesses?

A: A staggering 3000+*


Bachcha Party

A rather benign idea of spreading a little bit of joy, to rekindle the spark of hope in the humane side of our industrious selves - To put our children first. Reach out to their hearts through their anxious tummies and our palatial hearts. Let’s start giving!


What is it?

An initiative by Adurcup, we wish to feed at least 500 children across NCR. Enabling those who have the will to donate but not the means, we plan on enabling you to contribute. If you are a restaurant, spare us some food and we will ensure it reaches the hungry mouths. If you are any other business wishing to contribute, we welcome any form of support.


Why do it?

  • You get an easy access and a convenient window to satisfy your appetite for giving.
  • You would be provided all operational support from Adurcup to collate the logistics as well as the execution of the event.
  • All the food packaging would be sponsored by Adurcup.
  • In case you wish to have an even deeper insertion in the event, you could provide us your customized stickers/labels to go on the food packaging.
  • An official PR to be released after the successful completion of the event, giving recognition to all the participants.


Where and when?

For it is well said, Charity begins at home. Adurcup, based out in Delhi NCR, wishes to provide food in Noida, Delhi and Gurgaon. Based on the response from restaurants and individuals and also factoring in the proximity, the final location would be intimated 4 days prior to the event. The final date of the event is 26th November, Sunday.


How can you participate?

In order to participate, please fill the details and we will contact you. Contributing your time on the day of the event is not only welcome, but encouraged.

If you’re a restaurant, click here.

Others interested, click here.

You can also contact us at +91-9599197029 or write to us at care@adurcup.com.


*Data as per the United Nations Children’s Fund,2016

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Anurag Verma

Nice initiative for a startup